Sierra and Tyler started dating 8 years ago after meeting at a skating rink and then finding each other on Facebook (so cute!). As they say, the rest is history! Over the years, they grew up and supported each other into adulthood. Now Sierra is a nurse and Tyler is a police officer, and they’re about to become husband and wife in August! Tyler proposed on a cruise ship to Mexico in front of the whole ship, so that’s pretty darn impressive! I am so excited to be a part of their wonderful wedding day. I first met Sierra at a bridal show in Atlanta, and she started telling me about her wedding in North Carolina at an actual DAM and I got so excited just hearing about it! I can already visualize some pretty epic pictures!

Their engagement session at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens started off a little rocky, as it was drizzling and the forecast called for the rain to last throughout the evening. We were getting ready to give up on our plans to shoot outside and to go inside the building when the rain stopped and miraculously quit for the rest of the session! Somehow we got lucky enough to even get a little bit of sun. I know it doesn’t show in the photos, but this day was SO COLD, especially since the temperature had been in the upper 70’s just the previous day! The rain brought the cold temps back, and we spent most of the session shivering, but hey, I think we can agree it was worth it! (I also think I’m cursed because it rains EVERY time I go to Athens!) I hope you enjoy my favorites from their beautiful spring engagement session!

Sierra + Tyler | A State Botanical Garden Engagement Session | Athens, Georgia